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What Happens When Your Uber Ride Turns Dangerous

Depending on what study you look at, rideshare accidents drive up the number of fatal road injuries by almost 5%. When you incorporate the skyrocketing rates of curbside accidents, Uber and Lyft can be a serious danger for riders, drivers and other cars on the road.

At Jacobs & Wallace, PLLC, our team takes car accident injuries seriously, and we get to the heart of the complicated web of liability issues in rideshare accidents. Our goal is always to get you the support you need to get back on your feet. If you are a driver or a passenger injured in a rideshare accident, reach out for a free consultation.

Rideshare Companies Make Accident Recovery Complicated

Rideshare companies add an extra layer of legal complications for accident victims. Uber, Lyft and other ride-sharing companies employ large teams of attorneys that help insulate them from responsibility, even when they should be held accountable.

Jacobs & Wallace, PLLC, attorneys are fierce. As your advocates, we focus on first examining all the evidence, including witness statements and police records. Then, we use our over 45 years of combined experience to identify the relevant factors in your case and create a personally tailored legal strategy. We fight to get you the best compensation you deserve, either by settlement or trial. We have your best interests at the forefront of everything we do, throughout your case.

Speak With An Attorney Who Is Not Intimidated By Corporate Interests

Our attorneys are prepared to answer your questions and explain your options at your free consultation. To schedule a time to come into our Bridgeport office, call our office at 203-896-4929 or feel free to reach out online for more information.