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Bridgeport And Stamford Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys

One drink can impact someone’s reaction time and cause a car accident or truck accident that results in serious injury. A person who drives after consuming alcohol and injures another in a car accident may be considered either negligent or reckless, depending on the facts surrounding the accident.

Connecticut drunk driving accident cases require a full assessment of the accident injuries sustained by a client, as well as a thorough review of the evidence to identify other potentially liable parties. In the tragic aftermath of a fatal drunk driving crash, the complexities of Connecticut wrongful death law must also be taken into account, as well as dram shop liability for the establishment that provided the alcohol.

Helping Clients Prove Fault By Assembling Evidence Of Impaired Driving

Our Bridgeport and Stamford attorneys at Jacobs & Wallace, PLLC represent victims of alcohol-related car accidents, as well as people harmed in crashes involving illegal drug or prescription drug use. We are dedicated to mounting a full investigation of all potential evidence, including witness accounts, to demonstrate that a driver ignored other people’s safety by driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Nearly 40% of all traffic deaths on Connecticut streets and highways are related to drunk driving, and safety advocates are right to characterize this problem as an ongoing epidemic. Recent measures such as mandatory ignition interlock devices for convicted drunk drivers will keep more dangerous drivers off the road.

Despite stricter drunk driving laws and harsher penalties, no day goes by in Connecticut without too many drivers getting behind the wheel when they are a danger to others. When that leads to a head-on collision or a crash caused by reckless or aggressive driving, working with a DWI/DUI accident lawyer is the best way for car accident victims or surviving family members to pursue JUSTICE.

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