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On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2020 | Firm News

Our firm has always been committed to giving back to the communities where we live and which we serve.  During this holiday season, to help ease the pain some families may be experiencing this year, our team at Jacobs & Wallace will be providing five deserving families with a fully prepared Christmas meal this holiday.  We need your help to find these five families by nominating a family you believe is deserving.

Nominating a Worthy Family

Any resident of Connecticut can nominate a family or themselves to be considered for a free Holiday meal (to feed up to ten family members).  Jacobs & Wallace will choose five deserving, nominated families who have fallen on tough times and are in need of a comforting holiday meal.

Here’s how to nominate a family:

  1. Like Jacobs & Wallace on Facebook (  and follow us on Instagram (
  2. Click on the Nomination Form
  3. Check either “Self-Nomination” or “Nominate a Family”
  4. Complete the entire form with all of the necessary information needed: name, number of family members (up to 10), the address for the meal delivery, phone number, email address and dietary restrictions.
  5. Briefly, share with us the reasons why you are nominating this family.


Help Jacobs & Wallace give back this holiday season.  Nominate a family today!